From design to deployment, we want to be part of your success

Over the years, we have worked with many large organisations that have trusted us to deliver a successful solution to their software requirement.

From concept to implementation, we work closely with our partners to deliver applications that exceed expectation. Building on that experience, we are ready for any challenge.


We enjoy working with our partners to develop new systems

Many of our software solutions have been developed on a speculative basis. These applications are targeted at satisfying the requirements of national and multi-national organisations.

When working with these organisations, we have demonstrated our ability to be innovative and forward-thinking. In turn, many of these organisations have commissioned our services when they have a software requirement that falls within our scope of development.

These organisations have included but are not limited to UTL Logistics, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Vodafone, Vodacom, Shebang Distribution and Noise UK.

Software Solutions of industries
ServiceBase CE

ServiceBase CE

168 Service centres in UK & Ireland use ServiceBase CE

ServiceBase CE is the UK Industry Standard repair management system for consumer electronic devices.

ServiceBase CE is used by 168 service centres within the UK and Ireland as their primary repair management system.

ServiceBase CE manages the entire repair lifecycle from job booking up to the presentation of an IRIS warranty claim to a manufacturer.

ServiceBase CE is the preferred software for 92% of UK manufacturer authorised service centres.

Consumer Electronic Industry

PCCS has been working with the consumer electronics and mobile phone service industry for 30 years. Throughout that period ServiceBase has consistently been the industry standard repair management software for the UK & Ireland.

ServiceBase is used by 92% of the CE Manufacturers Authorised Service Centres.

We are currently working with leading manufacturers to enhance communications between their backend systems and their authorised service network.

Our systems manage the entire repair process from an initial contact with a consumer, through the repair process, up to the presentation of an electronic warranty claim to a manufacturer.

Our systems are used by Argos, Currys, Dixons, Tesco and many other major retailers to assist in managing their post-sale repair lifecycle.

We have recently released our new Skyline system that manages repairs & servicing at all levels.

We are implementing a project that is creating 100 integrated web sites to facilitate online booking and tracking for end users.

We are currently developing innovative ways to deliver additional income to our service network through key partnerships and unique affiliations.


Mobile Phone Industry

UTL Logistics use our systems to facilitate their Vodafone and Virgin contracts.

All UK Vodafone retail stores & call centres use SID to assist in managing their return logistics.

Virgin's UK call centre use our systems with a retail rollout planned for later this year.

Vodacom use our software to manage up to 1 million repairs per annum through their central repair base in Johannesburg and at 79 sites throughout South Africa.

MTC use a similar system to manage their central repair base in Windhoek and at 6 sites throughout Namibia.

Shebang Distribution transacts £60m of trade & commission sales per year through our mobile phone distribution system.

140 Retail shops in the UK use SellFone & SpeedPortal to connect 10,000 contract & PAYG devices per month.

SellFone & SpeedPortal are dynamically linked to the backend connection portals of all 5 major UK mobile phone networks. PCCS are the only multi-branded independent software supplier in the UK to achieve this.

Fonecare use our bespoke Insurance system to connect & register 8,000 new customers per month.

Recycling parts makes great sense

Working in partnership with U2M, we have created a Distribution and eCommerce solution to satisfy the demand for recycled parts within the consumer electronic and domestic appliance industries.

Parts are not only expensive but can be in short supply, so recycling is not only financially beneficial but ecologically sensible and environmentally friendly.

Our systems allow U2M to deliver a fully integrated parts farming solution for chargeable & extended warranty repairs.

The system is dynamically interfaced with ServiceBase CE, the Distribution module the eCommerce site and the Warrantor Module.


Sanyo Warranty Module

  • Specifically created for Sanyo, this module is used by their warranty department to process and validate warranty claims raised by their authorised service network.
  • The system incorporates triggers that can easily be configured by the claims team to highlight errors or omissions in the service centres warranty claim.
  • Rejected claims are electronically returned to the claimant and approved claims are passed to their SAP system for payment.
  • First implemented in 1998 the system has processed thousands of claims valued at several million pounds.
  • Although the Sanyo Warranty Module is a standalone system, it is fully integrated into ServiceBase CE to facilitate those users of that system.

Sanyo Warranty Module

Sanyo Returns Module

  • This module is used by their service partner to process and validate return requests raised by their retail network.
  • The system was designed to track and record products particular retailers are returning for credit, and the reason for the return.
  • Returned units are sorted and batched for return to the originating supplier or manufacturer.
  • The system incorporates an integral repair management system to accommodate a refurbishment process.
  • First implemented in 1998, the system has processed thousands of returns valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds.

 Sanyo Returns Module

RMA Tracker

RMA Tracker

RMA Tracker is used by Sony, Samsung, Philips and many other manufacturers to link their consumers directly with their respective UK & Ireland Authorised Service Network. A full suite of job booking forms and APIs are available to meet their individual and specific requirements. These processes dynamically inject jobs into their ASCs repair management systems. This reduces admin tasks and delivers live job and performance tracking.

We are currently in the process of providing Panasonic with an interface from their CRM system directly into RMA to deliver warranty jobs to their authorised ASCs. The Noise UK repair management network use RMA Tracker to transfer thousands of jobs per month from Argos, Dixons, Currys, Tesco and many other leading retailers to the systems of multiple manufacturers authorised service centres.

Any type of job can be transferred from any system to any other system via RMA Tracker.



Skyline is a cloud-based application specifically designed to manage the consumer experience during a service lifecycle. Skyline will allow a manufacturer to define the framework for a repair process to ensure their KPIs are within scope. Skyline will automate repetitive roles within the service centre and remove the necessity to micro-manage individual tasks. Skyline will deliver an informative suite of graphical and physical reports that will ensure all participants are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Skyline is fully supported by a professional team of managers, designers, developers and testers to ensure it meets and exceeds expectation. Skyline has been developed to be deployed on a global scale and will eventually envelop all of our existing applications, as well as incorporate a completely new set of requirements.

Skyline allows new and existing clients the opportunity to expand their offering while remaining within a familiar framework. Skyline will be the flagship application for PCCS throughout this decade.



Although we specialise in the consumer electronic, domestic appliance and mobile phone industries, we also write and deploy websites for other businesses. Generally, we work off of a verbal brief from the client; we then manage and guide them through the whole design processes from concept through to deployment. Alternatively, we can deploy onto the customer's preferred solution.

We specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve the visibility of your site in a search engine's organic search results.

We constantly work with you to ensure your site stays current and informative.

Bespoke Website

Bespoke Website

We have created a white label customer-facing website environment for the consumer electronics and domestic appliance industry. These sites can be replicated across multiple service centres. All sites are individually designed to ensure each service centre maintains its unique identity within a defined and professional framework.

Consumers can book a job live time onto the system and track the progress of their repair through a simple interface.

All sites contain a fully featured shopping cart capable of selling accessories and other branded product.

All sites contain a soft service page that customers can access for common issues that do not require service assistance.


Trade-all is an eCommerce site that is targeted at the consumer electronic and domestic appliance industries.

The site can hold multiple items from unlimited suppliers and is promoted by a network of affiliated service companies.

Trade-all specialises in the sale of refurbished products fully supported and warranted by a network of manufacturer authorised service centres.

ServiceBase Cellular

ServiceBase Cellular is primarily used by Vodacom in South Africa and MTC in Namibia.

Vodacom use our systems to process up to one million mobile phone repairs per annum via a network of franchised service centres throughout South Africa. They operate from an advanced repair centre in Johannesburg and remote repair centres located at 79 sites throughout South Africa.

MTC use our systems at their repair centres in Windhoek and at 6 regional sites throughout Namibia.

Our systems manage their respective franchise networks and their entire reverse logistic & warranty claim processing requirements.

Servicebase Cellular

SID (Service Instruction Database)

Every Vodafone store & call centre in the UK use SID to assist in the management of their entire reverse logistic & soft service requirement.

These two important contacts are managed by UTL Logistics who work very closely with us to ensure that both Vodafone and Virgin consistently receive the level of service they demand.

Our Business Analysts are instrumental in delivering that service and consistently suggest new and inventive ways of ensuring SIDs capability is maintained.



PCCS created a bespoke distribution system for Shebang in 2002. They use the application to supply mobile phone handsets and accessory product to the cellular industry.

Apart from the normal distribution processes, the application produces self-billing invoices and calculates when contract handset commission payments are due to a franchise network of 140 retail outlets.

UK Based Shebang Distribution were founded as a start-up company in 2002. They declared a turnover of £60 Million in 2011.

Shebang were awarded 7th place in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 in 2010.

SellFone & SpeedPortal

SellFone & SpeedPortal users connect around 10,000 contract mobile phones per month through a network of 140 Mobile phone retail systems nationwide.

The system is also dynamically linked to major suppliers and ecommerce sites.

The application manages the entire process for mobile phone retailing from supply, through the connection process to the reconciliation of commission payments from all 5 networks.

SellFone & SpeedPortal are dynamically linked to the backend connection portals of all 5 major networks. PCCS are one of only multi-branded software supplier in the UK to achieve this link.

SellFone & SpeedPortal


Based in Guernsey, Fonecare manage an operation that signs up almost 8,000 new customers per month. They currently have around 80,000 active policies that were sold to consumers throughout the UK.

The Fonecare system is also dynamically linked to major suppliers and ecommerce sites.

PCCS wrote Fonecare's entire system from the frontend customer registration and claim processing pages to backend database and DD interface system.

We specified, designed, tested and deployed the system in just 13 weeks. Fonecare manage the entire system with a team of just 5 staff


Auto Salvage Industry

Auto Green & Inter Part use our Breaker software to facilitate their spares management system.

Based in Daventry they manage a network of 30 spares centres throughout the UK.

The strip down and scrap in excess of 130,000 cars per annum.

Breaker traps and records hundreds of thousands of parts and transacts sales with thousands of end user customers.

The system manages counter sales, telesales and web sales to trade and retail customers.

They comply fully with the European ELV Directive for end of life vehicles.

They have contracts with several major manufacturers to handle their end of life responsibilities.

Auto Salvage Industry