Remote Engineer Application

Technology and the needs of our customers are changing. To meet those needs, we must take full advantage of new and emerging technologies.

The Remote Engineer Application allows your Field Engineers to be directly connected to their days workload, and is compatible with any Android SMART Phone, Tablet or Phablet. With ‘Real Time’ updates to your ServiceBase the engineer can quickly and efficiently complete a service call out.

The app is designed to work alongside your ServiceBase allowing your engineer to view and manage all job details. With Start of day routines, engineer ID card, Real Time updates and many other features, the app can revolutionise the way you manage your workload.

The App will order the jobs and schedule the actual time that the engineer is expected to arrive on site. Upon arrival the engineer will confirm that they are at the site and the system will automatically flag the job as in progress. The arrival time, the duration of the service and the leaving time are stored on the system for all participants to view.

Your engineers can take photos, call customer, call base, find a buddy and take the customers signature, all directly within the app. Jobs will be automatically updated in real time from the app to your ServiceBase, removing any need for physical documentation.

The Remote Engineer Application was designed around the Samsung Galaxy Note but will work with any android smart phone.

The design of the handset and the ease of use of the Application make it an ideal companion for the filed engineer.

The Application intuitively guides the engineer through Best Practice polices and gives "real time" communications and data updates.

Job List

Eliminating the requirement for physical documentation the Remote Engineer Application displays all the information all the engineers requires to quickly and efficiently complete the service call out.

The system orders the jobs and schedules the actual time that an engineer is expected to arrive at site.

When the engineer completes the job the system simply moves on to the next call and repeat the process updating head office with all the required information to ensure that all parties are fully aware of the current situation at all times.

Confirm Arrival

The Engineer confirms his arrival at site and the system automatically flags the job as "in-progress"

The time of arrival, the duration of the service and the leaving time are stored on the system for all participants to view if required.

Leave Out Card

If the customer is not at the service location the engineer is prompted to leave an Out Card.

By selecting a single icon the system automatically dials the customer's landline and mobile numbers and records the event in the database.

The engineer is also prompted to take a picture of a distinguishing feature of the building or location.

All of this information is stored in the database for all participants to view should the visit lead into a dispute.

Engineer ID

Upon arrival at the job site the engineer has the ability to electronically identify himself as a representative of the Client Company.

This is automated within the application to dynamically display the relevant client logo.

This could be any logo to meet individual clients needs.

This ensures the customer's perception is that they are dealing directly with the client.

Confirm Details

A best practice process ensures the engineer follows guide line structured by you removing the ability for the engineer to "cut corners" and contravene your service instructions.

The engineer must confirm the customer, the unit and the warranty details before he commences the service.

Fitting Parts

When adding parts the engineer is prompted to complete all relevant information relating to that part and where it was fitted in the product including IRIS Codes.

Service Report & Job Cost Record

The engineer can select predefined text from a pick list or enter a unique repair description to build the service report.

The cost of spares attached to the job will be added to the Labour cost to calculate the total estimated cost of repair.

The system will compare the total estimated cost of repair with the repair threshold assigned to the job and approve estimate of force the job to go through the Repair Authorisation process.

Estimate Ready

When the estimate is ready, the RE app will calculate if the estimate can be automatically accepted or requires approval from the D+G Authorisation Team.

The RE app will send a text message and email to alert the RA Team that an estimate requires authorisation while the engineer is still in the customer home.

Satisfaction Questionnaire

Once a job is completed the engineer is prompted to hand the device to the customer for them to complete a brief satisfaction survey.

Should the customer not be present or not wish to do this they can be e-mailed at a later date to obtain their feedback.

Satisfaction Questionnaire

Question 1 - Ease of Booking

Question 2 - Speed of Service (to first visit)

Question 3 - Speed of Service (overall)

Question 4 - Communication Throughout

Question 5 - Engineer (where relevant)

Question 6 - How did you hear about us?

Satisfaction Questionnaire

Upon completing the questionnaire the customer is prompted to sign and pass the device back to the engineer. Their feedback will not be visible to the engineer but will be e-mailed to the customer firstly to remind them of what they had said plus ensure the correct information was collected.

Complete Job

The default will be to e-mail the customer a receipt/service report (where required) rather than print one but should the customer need a hard copy the system can either trigger one to be sent by post or it could be configured to link to a portable printer.