Skyline Microsites are websites targeted at specific industries utilising common functionality required within that industry. Each industry specific group of websites are completely independent with different themes, design patterns and content. As these groups of sites are targeted we can deliver cutting edge technologies at affordable prices. The sites are packed with features that can only be produced by a company that have detailed knowledge on the sectors they wish to target.

‘Affordable prices’ does not mean there will be any compromise with the quality or functionality of your website. The look and feel of our sites are at the very least comparable with any DIY package available but it's features, functionality and value for money where we really excel. None of this means your site will look the same as everyone else's within your particular industry of course. It's the back end where all the common functionality is done, but still gives you the ability to pick and choose the look and features that best fit your particular business model; ensuring your site is tailored specifically to what you need, at a price that you control.

Although we deal mainly with large organisations such as trade associations and buying groups we are happy to talk directly to individual companies and offer them the same standard of service. n
PC Control Systems can also integrate iFrame Booking and Tracking of jobs for the services industry ensuring your website communicates seamlessly with your job management software.


Professionally designed feature rich corporate websites


With 53.7 million people in the UK being active internet users, which amounts to 89% of the population*, a company’s website is the most basic form of web presence and is essential in today’s business environment. It is also serves as an online storefront and acts as the conveyor of the business’ brand and message to the world. As this is the first and sometimes only impression someone gets of a business, it must be professional, easy to navigate and a true representation of the image a company wishes to present to its customers.

Our specialist designed corporate sites offer tailored page structures, layouts and content based specifically upon your business model and interests. We take into consideration your own aesthetic as well as any other content that may be required to fully optimise your presence online.


On average 69% of the UK population now buy something online each month* meaning an online shop or ecommerce enabled website is essential for your business if you have anything to sell. We have a variety of options available, all professionally designed and feature rich making selling products online a secure and simple process.

You can insert and manage your own products either individually or through import routines and have direct control over prices, discounts, delivery charges and special offers on any of your product ranges. We can enable selling Extended Warranties and even Online Finance plus the checkout process also includes associated stock items, ‘click-and-collect’, delivery and installation options.

A common requirement with ecommerce websites is the need to connect to external systems such as accounting software, fulfilment centres or CRM tools. Not only can we offer many of these ourselves, but we also have a number of APIs to enable integration with such external systems.


Unlimited Stock Items


We have a number of packages available with our ecommerce sites including an ‘unlimted stock’ option enabling you to list and manage as many stock items as you want and under as many categories as necessary. We can also include a ‘managed stock’ option for an additional monthly fee.


A key element of online trading is a secure reliable payment gateway. We can either interface with your current solution or can offer a number of alternatives, including some of the most popular and all meeting global anti-fraud standards (PCI DSS compliant).

This ensures your customers experience a smooth and secure transaction when they shop, via a variety of payment methods, with no delays in processing resulting in abandoned shopping carts thus maximising your sales.

secure reliable payment gateway

Google Analytics & Reporting


With little notifying you of genuine activity on your sites it can feel all rather pointless, however understanding where your business is thriving online is an invaluable tool when building a successful and noticeable online presence.

With regular 30 day reports, your Skyline Microsite gives you a simple to understand breakdown of how you are performing month by month. Tracking website traffic and its origins, summaries of your most popular clicks, average session duration and how well your Microsite and Social Media profiles are working in tandem, are all included in this report. We can then help you tailor your marketing and site content for maximum impact.


When your website is hosted and managed externally, making changes can be a drawn out and sometimes costly process, often having to pre-empt future requirements in order to ensure they happen when required.

Microsites content management software gives you your own unique log-in to the backend of our system, with access to a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) content editing tool. This simple to use tool enables you to make changes without any specific knowledge of HTML or any other related web technologies, allowing you to update the contents of your site quickly and as often as you wish in a safe and controlled fashion. It also allows you to preview these changes as you save them to ensure you are creating the content you really want.

* source: Global Web Index Survey 2014

Content Management Software

Customise your Skyline Microsite Package to suit your specific business requirements