We will deliver a draft MicroSite for your approval within 14 days of receiving your instruction to proceed.

To begin the process of creating your MicroSite and to ensure your site reflects the services and products your company offer, we will direct you to our web based Content Management System where you will be guided through our set-up wizard. This will require you to complete various sections outlining your business interest, products and services you offer and the customer type you wish to attract to your site.

We will use the answers supplied in the wizard, together with any pre-existing site content and any other promotional literature you have to build the pages of your new MicroSite. Don’t worry if the content you supplied doesn’t fully reflect what you are hoping to achieve with your new site, because your new Skyline MicroSite is fully editable and easy to customise; Changing text, adding images, enabling pages, even embedding videos is incredibly simple.

Even if you start with just a corporate website and want to expand into e-Commerce at a later date you will find the upgrade path is simple and intuitive to use.


Automated report scheduling will ensure you receive performance analysis every 30 days to track site visits and return on investment (ROI)

When it comes to websites and social media, with little notifying you of genuine activity on your sites it can feel all rather pointless, however understanding where your business is thriving online and in the public eye is an invaluable tool when building a successful and noticeable online presence.

With regular 30 day reports, your Skyline MicroSite gives you a simple breakdown of how you are performing month by month. Tracking website traffic and its origins, summaries of your most popular clicks, average session duration and how well your MicroSite and Social Media profiles are working in tandem, are all included in this report.

Being aware of how well your Social Media is driving traffic to your site is also incredibly important when judging the success of your brand online. One should be an extension of the other and vice versa, essentially they are avenues back to your physical store and they all should be representative of each other, if people are not finding your site through your social avenues, you may want to re-think your strategy. Tracking this activity is key to maintaining a positive presence in the online market-place.

Included free of charge with every MicroSite.


Our team of SEO Technicians will continuously monitor your MicroSite and review and enhance their campaign every 90 days. Other packages are available that offer more frequent enhancements and we can help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

The online Market-Place has got increasingly more competitive in recent years, and with Google’s stature growing by the day, adhering to their pointers regarding site visibility and functionality is of more importance than ever, really there not even pointers anymore.

Adopting these principles when building a site is now critical to ensuring your brand is visible on the worlds most widely used Search Engine. This does not stop at Google either, all Search Engines will rely on a template similar to Google’s when evaluating your website.

SEO ensures your site generates traffic that turns into transactions. Beginning with an audit of your site, optimising urls, page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and heading tags to make you search-engine-ready.

Then, with a focus on intelligent, sector-specific keyword selection, we analyse and fine-tune page content and keyword placement. Building a site with these parameters in mind is just one aspect, Google adjusts it algorithm regularly and keeping on top of this is mandatory for a successful brand to stay favourable with the Search-Engine and maintaining/improving your positioning.


We will automatically review the design and performance of your MicroSite every 6 months to ensure your web presence is up to date and delivering the best possible results. This can of course be done sooner should you wish it for any particular reason or should there be any significant changes in SEO requirements.

Many websites were originally designed using techniques and images that were current at the time but unless your website is regularly reviewed and updated it will soon fall behind. An online presence isn’t static, it must be fluid. For example Google have recently taken the decision to give poor rankings to websites which are not compatible with mobile devices; with Skyline MicroSites we will keep your site current and suggest what else can be done to keep it favourable with all search engines.

Our reviews are also a chance for you to touch base with our design team to discuss re-brands, shop/product-line adjustments plus any changes you may want to make to the site that you are uncomfortable doing using our editing tools. This is also an opportunity for you to discuss any dramatic business changes you may be making in the immediate future so that your site can reflect your new direction

Customise your Skyline MicroSite Package to suit your specific business requirements

For more details please contact us @microsite.pccsuk.com